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Directory of Back Issues ~ Read Them All!

But First, an Introduction by founder,

Back in 1994 there were no support web sites for the Transgender Community.  In fact, there were barely any private web sites at all!  I always enjoy being first, so I founded this one.

These days, this site gets about 1,300 unique visitors every single day.  Not bad, considering I haven't been active in the transgender community since 1997!

Naturally, a lot of material on this site has aged over the years.  But to be honest, since 1997 I haven't had any desire to update any of it.  So, I present it here in its more or less original form for whatever value it may still have, and as something of an historic document of one of my endeavors at that time.

As you might expect, having transitioned in 1989 and had SRS in January of 1992, most of what's here is way in my past.  These days I lead a life that rarely brings any of this to mind.  Not to say I haven't added anything since then.

Most notably, in 2005 my life partner had radical feminizing facial surgery, and I followed suit and did the same in late 2006.  Along the way I documented both of those experiences and added them to my online transition diary in fifty new chapters peppered with pictures!

I suspect I'll continue to add new chapters, essays, or videos from time to time as other insights and experiences crop up that I think might be of use and interest to others.

Until then, I wish you the best for everything you hope to do and be, and urge you to always remember that Dreams Are The Stuff Reality Is Made Of.

Directory of Back Issues ~ Read Them All!

  • The Subversive #1 The Premiere issue! Includes: Statement of Intent, Letters to the Editor, an original story: Dream a Little Dream, Readers answer the question: If you had a choice, would you change the body or the mind?, an article on Hormones, Original Poems, and more!
  • The Subversive #2 The first installment of "A Transition Diary"! Also: a Hormone Update, another Original Poem
  • The Subversive #4 Editorial: Remembering to Forget!, "A Transition Diary" - part 3, Poem: Too Old to Die Young
  • The Subversive #5 Editorial: Letters From the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - part 4, Feature articles: A Trip to the Voice Doctor, Preparing for Full-Time, and Reverse Passing, also: Mental Relativity Made Practical
  • The Subversive #6 Editorial: A Season of Hope, "A Transition Diary" - part 7, Feature article: My Final Week Living as a Male, Fiction: The Reluctant Girlfriend, A Holiday Prayer
  • The Subversive #7 "A Transition Diary" - part 7, Feature article: Mental Sex, Doctor Biber's Information Letter, Book Review: Hormones - The Woman's Answer Book, Gender Statistics, Poem: All You Love Is Need
  • The Subversive #8 Editorial: Homesteading, Response to a Reader, In Our Family, "A Transition Diary" - part 8, Feature article: Hierarchies - Linear and Relative, Poem: The Cosmic Flea, and more!
  • The Subversive #9 Editorial, Response to a Reader, "A Transition Diary" - part 9, Feature article: Sweeping Back the Beach, Poem: The Paradox that Lurks the Lochs
  • The Subversive #10 Editorial: Identity vs. Censorship, "A Transition Diary" - Part 10, Feature Articles: B.S. and the Sexes and Mental Sex
  • The Subversive #11 Editorial: Opening a Can Of Worms, "A Transition Diary" - Part 10, Are Support Groups Self-Defeating? by Denise, The "Be All You Can Be" convention by Stephanie, My Coming Out by Danielle, A Symbiotic Friendship by Karen, Letters FROM the Editor, Happy in a Hug by Karen
  • The Subversive #12 Editorial: Excuses, Excuses!, Letters to the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 11, Sarah's New Skates by Sarah, Class Act by Melanie, Doctor Biber's Discharge Letter, We, and more!
  • The Subversive #13 Editorial: Cinderella Liberties, Letters to the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 12, The Earthworm, by Mindi Dawn
  • The Subversive #14 Updates on: The America Online Gender Forum, a Women's Forum, Mental Relativity,and Heart Corps, Letters to the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 13, Welcome Home by Elizabeth, Hormones by Cheryl, And All of This is Mine, a personal essay
  • The Subversive #15 Editorial: The Skeleton In The Closet You Came Out Of, Updates, Doping the Brain, Letters to the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 14, Physical Disability and the Transsexual by Denise, Holiday En Femme by Gwendolyn, Based on a True Story by Katherine Collins, and Pried Pride: an original poem.
  • The Subversive #16 Editorial: What Comes After, Letters to the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 15, My Coming Out by Danielle H, Results of a Transgender Survey, Fiction: The Reluctant Girlfriend - Part 2 by Melanie Brown
  • The Subversive #17 A Special Message from Melanie, Editorial: Female and Male Views of Justification, Letters to the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 16, The One True Path by Marla Louise Baldwin, Based on a True Story - Part 1 by Katherine Collins, My Life as a TV/TS by Michelle Austin
  • The Subversive #18 Editorial: Feet of Clay, Letters To and From the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 17, The Neenah Connection by Denise Anne Fell, An Observation by Marla Louise Baldwin
  • The Subversive #19 Editorial: Relationships 101, Letters To and From the Editor, "A Transition Diary" - Part 18
  • The Subversive #20 Editorial: O.J.'s Last Run, Melanie's Night Out with Spielberg and Lucas, "A Transition Diary" - Part 19
  • The Subversive #21 Editorial: Sexism in the Movies, Countdown to Surgery Begins: Day 100, "A Transition Diary" - Part 20
  • The Subversive #25 The first installment of "A Transition Diary - Book Two": Back From The Brink
  • The Subversive #29 Special "Mental Sex" issue! Major policy announcements; Sucker Punched in the battle between the sexes; B.S. and the sexes; Where Mental Sex comes from; Where Mental Sex is headed; How NOT to apologize to a woman; A new poem, An original pencil sketch of David Michael, A new picture of Melanie, "A Transition Diary - Book Two" part 5; Letters To and From the Editor; and more!
  • The Subversive #30 Action packed multi-media edition! A guide to the best web sites for "The Simpsons", Hotlinks to the coolest sites on the web, audio tracks, animations, Mental Relativity, "A Transition Diary - Book Two" part 6, plus ten graphic humorous articles, and MUCH more!
  • The Subversive #31 A Video greeting from the editor, Midi background music, Dave in a bathtub, Melanie in a bikini, Video wall - live pictures from around the world, Hotlinks to Star Wars - Xena - Oz - and more, "A Transition Diary - Book Two" part 7, Sneak preview of a new serialized web comic book, the Paint Melanie contest - win $100!!!
  • The Subversive #32 New Real Audio and Midi songs, a completely new page from Melanie's photo album, transcript of Melanie's appearance as guest speaker on the Microsoft Network, the Misadventures of Melanie multi-media comic strip, Electronic Engineering Times' article on Mental Relativity, Melanie's diary part 32, a whole new page of hotlinks, and more!
  • The Subversive #33 The entire "Tarnished Karma" album in Real Audio, chapter two of the sci-fi thriller screenplay "Dry Spell", The Mental Relativity Tapes, an explanation of story theory in Real Audio, answers to writers' questions, the complete soundtrack from Melanie's video on voice technique in Real Audio, chapter 33 of Melanie's personal diary, "Melanie's World" site map and search engine, and more!
  • The Subversive #34 Melanie's Diary concludes with thirty new chapters!, New Song: "For Princess Di", Scores of new Hot Links to the weirdest and wildest web sites, Articles on Mental Sex: the brains and minds of men and women, Letter to a New Baby, Multimedia Poems with Animation and Music!

In the belief that information should belong freely to the people,
The Subversive is made available on the World Wide Web at no charge.

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