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Number 34

Blinking Eye

Bringing the newest, weirdest,
and most obscure places in
Melanie's World
to the people.

Table Of Contents

In this issue...

Melanie's Diary Concludes!

My seven year trilogy,
"Journeys and Transitions"
draws to a close.


Scores of
the weirdest
places on the

New Multimedia Poems

Music and Animation
combine for strange
visions of an odd world.

Mental Relativity

Mental Sex:
The Brains of Men and Women

For Writers

Questions from
writers about
the new theory
of story and the
software of the
same name

Letter to a New Baby

Greetings and advice
for a new member
of the world




Most of the links on this page
have been removed due to
Melanie separating her
current life from her
transgender past.

Scores of Sizzling New Hotlinks!


Pretty Weird Site of the day, The Smothers Brothers Home Page, Corpses for Sale, The Psychic Chicken Network, Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page, The Mr. Showbiz Plastic Surgery Lab, Movie Cars for Sale, Animation Museum, the Clanton Gang, Claude Cat, Batman - the Animated Series, The Difinitive Twilight Zone Site, Fifty Most Beautiful People, Improving the Cultural Image of Women, Fantasy Castle Chat Chambers, The Sheep Brain Dissection Guide, The Foreskin Restoration Site,and many, MANY more.

"Journeys and Transitions"

Melanie's personal diary concludes with the following chapters:

(Click here for the complete diary's table of contents)

Volume Two:

Book Two:

(Broken Promises)

Chapter Thirty Four ~ The View from the Mirror

Chapter Thirty Five ~ Storm Clouds

Chapter Thirty Six ~ Double Image

Chapter Thirty Seven ~ Cinderella Liberties

Chapter Thirty Eight ~ On The Rocks

Chapter Thirty Nine ~ Hangover

Chapter Forty ~ Of Two Minds

Chapter Forty One ~ Wishing for Nothing

Chapter Forty Two ~ Dancing to a Different Tune

Chapter Forty Three ~ Feet of Clay

Book Three:

(A New Covenant)

Chapter Forty Four ~ Relationships 101

Chapter Forty Five ~ O.J.'s Last Run

Chapter Forty Six ~ Winding Up, Winding Down


Volume Three:

Skinned Alive

Book One:

(Innocence Lost)

Chapter Forty Seven ~ First Blood

Chapter Forty Eight ~ Occam's Razor

Chapter Forty Nine ~ Stabbed In The Back

Chapter Fifty ~ A Cut Above

Chapter Fifty One ~ The Double Edged Sword

Chapter Fifty Two ~ Under The Knife

Chapter Fifty Three ~ The Unkindest Cut Of All

Book Two:

(Innocence Sought)

Chapter Fifty Four ~ Mr. W. Squared

Chapter Fifty Five ~ Crucible of the Past

Chapter Fifty Six ~ Chicken Schick Razor

Chapter Fifty Seven ~ Harebrained Schemes

Chapter Fifty Eight ~ Et Tu, Brute -or- Stabbed in the Back - Again!


Book Three:

(Innocence Reborn)

Chapter Fifty Nine ~ Licking Old Wounds

Chapter Sixty ~ Art and Soul

Chapter Sixty One ~ Setting The Record Straight

Chapter Sixty Two ~ Giving Up / Giving In

Chapter Sixty Three ~ Fantasies

Chapter Sixty Four ~ Revelations

Chapter Sixty Five ~ Desperately Seeking Closure

Chapter Sixty Six ~ Full Circle



The Stuff Of Dreams


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