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Special "Melanie's Ego" Issue!

(I have to get it all out of my system now, 'cause Bret starts work as my managing editor next month, and he probably won't let me get away with half of this stuff!!)

Looking toward the future.

Just who do you think you are???

Live pictures from around the world!

Star wars, UFOs, Xena, and much more!

What price vanity?

Preview of the new multimedia comic book

Talk About A Cockpit

A Boy And his Patato(e)

Thinking? We don't need no stinking thinking!

The Second Crossing

C - P.U.

We'll mail your friend a crisp one dollar bill - on us!

Chapter 31: Come Chaos - Armageddon Lite

Winkin', Blinkin',...

...and Bod.


Many of the links in this issue
have been removed due to
Melanie separating her
current life from her
transgender past.

The Subversive #31

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