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Transgender Survey

Forwarded message:
Subj: Internet survey results
From: Marsha J

From: an29522@anon.penet.fi
To: Crystal21

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Here are the results of the alt.transgendered survey.

The results are expressed as percentages with actual numbers shown in square brackets [#] when I thought the numbers may be interesting.

The numbers in parenthesis () reflect the inclussion of a total of results of the survey circulated to the American On Line system (thanks to Crystal for the input).

I'm having to send this through the penet server so it may take a bit longer than using the laUNCpad. There is no way to upload a file on that system and the results were compiled on my PC. '-)

So with our further adeiu, here are the results:

RESULTS OF THE alt.transgendered SURVEY

1) Average age: 32.2 years (32.7 years)

2) Birth sex: Female 0% Male 100%

3) Location:


4) Sexual partner preference:

5) Time aware of gender ambiguity: 16.9 years (14.8 years)

6) Current personal status: Acceptance 83.6% (85.5%) Denial 16.4% (14.5%)

7) Are you a:

8) If transsexual, are you:

9) Do you participate in professional therapy:

10) Are you a member of a support group (other than alt.tg):

11) Marital status:

12) If married or involved:

A) Does you S.O. know of your gender ambiguity:

B) If yes, is your S.O. accepting and/or supportive:

13) Do you cross dress:

If so, how many years have you been consistently crossdressing:

14) Do you subscribe to any transgendered publications:

If so, please list:

Others with 1 response:

15) Political leanings:

16) Generally speaking, are you happy with your life:

************* JUST FOR FUN! *************

17) Best transgendered song ever recorded & artist:

Others Mentioned:

18) Personal transgendered hero/heroine:

Numerous other single reponses including personal aquaintances, net type people, themselves, therapists, etc.

19) Estimated amount spent per year in crossdressing activities:

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