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Letters to the Editor

First Mammography
From: DeneseAnne


You all have no idea for the treat you are in for. They had a sign hanging on the wall that said, 'WE COMPRESS BECAUSE WE CARE". Well they must care a whole lot. I did not think that you could squash them so thin. I mean I know how a grilled cheese sandwich feels when they are put into one of those sandwich machines.

Because this is the first one and there seems to be a lot of what looks like new breast tissue, blush, and because of the amount of hormones that I am on they have requested a second mammography in 5 to 6 months so that they have something to compare with.

This truly makes you feel like a woman, even though she picked it up and flopped it on the x-ray table like it you might flop a hamburger on a grill.

Seriously, this is important. Each one of us on hormones needs to take the time to do a monthly breast exam, get a yearly physicians exam and mammograms as required or recommended. IT IS BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

E-mail me with any questions or ask them on-line next Sunday. This concludes the latest update on my journey to SRS.


Subj: Clinton Health Plan
From: Chrissy J
To: Melanie XX

...From an article in The Washington Times 11/15/93 titled

... "Among items for which payment is banned in the bill are dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses or contact lenses for adults, in-vitro fertilization, SEX-CHANGE SURGERY AND 'RELATED SERVICES'....." (emphasis added)

You may want to pass this on to others in the gender conference.


From: JENG3
Subj: thanks
To: Marsha J (Gender Forum Secretary)

a few years ago, back when all you girls had was a private room i found out that a very dear friend of mine was thinking of a sex change operation. i like most people could not understand this. about the same time i ran into someone named donnah. she told me that not only could i ask her anything i wanted and get straight answers that there was also a room i could go to and learn.

i came into your room for a long time, in fact until you moved into this one and could not find it lol. but with the help of Mel's subversive and the logs that you have been sending me. i have been able to help my friend. while she is not online she wishes me to say thank you for the help she has gotten via me. i also wish to thank you all for not only letting me ask my questions but for helping me to understand that we are all human and with knowledge we can all get along. Marsha i do not know if this really makes any sense i have been up for about 18 hours and really do not make all that much sense at the best of times. hope this gives you some idea of what you have done for me and my friend. oh she did have the operation and is very happy.



From: Amante2020
To: Melanie XX


Saw your pictures, I can only sum it up by saying STUNNING!!!! You took my breath away! If I weren't married I consider moving to California! I have a Mac and you will be my start up picture so I can see your loveliness everyday at the office.

Best of luck on all your future plans, again STRIKING & STUNNING, you can send me your GIF's anytime.

Enjoy life and much success to you!



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