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"Where dreams are the stuff reality is made of"


by , Editor

This month I forego an editorial so that I might bring you
some updates about several issues important to me.



Initial requests have now been made to create a separate Gender Forum within the Gay and Lesbian Community Forum on America On-line. This would be a one-stop, single button access area containing folders of downloadable information for TV, TS, and their SOs on medical, social, legal and relationship issues. There would be a bulletin board area where members can post messages on various topics or start their own. We plan a conversation area specifically dedicated to gender folk and direct access to the GLCF conference room by button from the Gender Forum. Also, hopefully, we can obtain access to the Gender Forum through use of the keyword, Gender.

Now all this is just in the planning stage and has no official response from anyone at AOL. But the initial proposals have been made, and future postings here will inform you of any progress made.


Recently I was appalled by the lack of a Women's Forum on AOL. When I wanted information on career, child-rearing, the latest medical news, or political decisions affecting women I had to jump all over the place and hunt it up myself. As a result, I recently proposed a full-fledged Women's Forum to the powers that be in the Lifestyles and Interests area. I was told they are very much in favor of such a forum, but are backlogged with other projects that will put off any planning of that nature until perhaps November at the earliest. I was invited to continue keeping the lines of communication open to them and intend to do so.

Again, and progress made will be updated here in future issues.

Story Theory

As many of you know, for the last three and a half years I have been working with my writing partner on the development of a new theory of story. This work has been done for Screenplay Systems in Burbank at a cost of over half a million dollars in research and development of a new software program implementing the theory. The program has been shown publicly and used by academy award winning screenwriters who are astonished at its capabilities. software will be on sale nationally beginning in January 1994.

I mention this here because the theory we developed discovered that stories are actually analogies to the problem-solving processes of the human mind. Characters, Themes, Plot, Acts, Scenes.... all represent perspectives of a mind as it deals with inequities and tries to work them out. In fact, the entire story represents a mind that we call the Story Mind.

The workings of this story mind (and hence, the theory and software) function as fractal dimensions manipulated through non-linear and relativistic equations. A complete model of the mind exists within the software.

As we began to explore this model, we worked out a new psychology based on the relationships between fractals, chaos theory and other aspects too numerous to go into here. But the end result was, we had created a Predictive model of the mind using a psychology we call Mental Relativity.

The software can actually be used to get a better perspective on personal problems, just by casting yourself in the role of the Main Character in the Story Of Your Life. Many insights can be gained to the issues that trouble us all, and decisions can be clearly defined. More on this in future issues.


Mental Relativity as a model of the mind finds a difference between female and male brains at the biologic level in terms of the way they handle Time and Space. The relationship between biology, biochemistry, conditioning and free will is completely laid out. The most incredible find for me was an understanding of how the female and male brains both contain blind spots where then cannot see.

In a sense, to be self aware, you must put your sense of self in one part of your mind to look at the other parts. You can see most of it in one take this way, but you cannot see it all at once. In order to see where you are standing, you must move and look back where you were. But, of course, things change while you are moving, AND the act of observing the parts you can see changes where you are standing before you can turn around and look at it. SO, there is an area of inaccuracy you aren't even aware of, and this is the blind spot.

But, because of the different way male and female brains handle Time and Space, the blind spots are in different places. Because males brains are more externally oriented, the language, culture, laws, religion, educational system: all contain the male blind spot as it was men who mostly created them. We women then are "double whammied" because we must use that language and learn in that educational system not only suffering our own blind spot but the male one as well.

The findings of Mental Relativity range into all aspects of the mind and interpersonal relationships. Until now, I was requested to keep our findings under wraps until the software could be developed, in exchange for the massive outlay of capital Screenplay Systems has expended on this project. Now, however, for the first time I am free to begin sharing what we have discovered. More on this in future issues.


As you may well imagine, the story software and future programs based on Mental Relativity are expected to bring many millions of dollars to Screenplay Systems and perhaps to me personally as well. However, I for one feel it is obscene that any one person should horde such wealth while there are hungry and neglected people in the world.

Rather than getting used to great wealth and becoming swayed and jaded by it, I have this month established an organization I call Heart Corps. I intend to take a small portion of the profits from the software for myself to allow me to continue working in these areas, then place the bulk of it in Heart Corps.

Rather than just being an organization that throws money at problems, Heart Corps' mandate is to support those who would support others if only they had a roof over their head or a car or more education.

It is my belief that there is a world full of people who want to help and would spend all day every day assisting the homeless and the helpless if they just didn't have to pay the rent. Heart Corps will pay the rent for them.

Of course, right now I don't have all that funding yet. So my contributions must be more modest until the profits roll in. Still, I couldn't wait to get started, so this month Heart Corps contributed to Food for All, MDA, the AIDS walk LA, Food for Skid Row, and the Disabled America Veterans.

Sharing hope with Mental Relativity and sharing help with Heart Corps is the focus of my future. More on this in future issues.

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Melanie's Wise Words of the Month

"Don't look to others for answers;
Look to them for questions you have not thought to ask."

----Wilma Snakestare (aka map)

May you never find occasion to say, "If only....."

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