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From: MariaCD
To: Melanie XX

I want to thank you again for your contribution to this world, in writing your diary and making it available to us all. I would not mind paying some fee to have it. It's not that I'm throwing away money, but I feel that it really worth it. You're a professional writer, why don't you get paid for doing it. You're looking for a publisher, but maybe you could specialize in "on-line novels"... and make some money out of it. I luv the absolute sincerity and in many occasion the profoundness of your thoughts.


Letter in response to a gender friend who was switching to a completely female sign-on name:

As for your request for any suggestions about using the name in regard to deception: there is nothing wrong with passing yourself off as who you feel you might be. It is a good opportunity to explore your feelings. But there are a couple of bewares! I have known of several TV/TS folk who have done just that, then met someone on-line (both male and female) and become close Email friends quite by accident. They were then faced with the decision as to whether to be honest and share their secret or continue to hold back and feel they were lying to their friend.

In the second case, no pictures could be exchanged, no phone calls could be made; if the friend came to town on business or vacation, you could not meet. Telling the friend almost always results in their feeling betrayed and "used", and in one case I know of, resulted in the crossdresser being kicked off AOL because of the emotional anguish they caused by their deception. So the warning is simply to make darned sure you allow no friendships to develop under that name, but just use it to see how others treat you in casual conversations. If you sense a friendship starting to develop, either sign off of that name for good and switch to a new one, or be honest IMMEDIATEly so no one will be hurt later. Hope this helps!

Melanie Anne

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