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Recent Pictures of Moi

Taken AFTER Feminizing Facial Surgery (FFS) in 2006

Age 54, in case you're interested



Post FFS Pictures

Click the Double Image below to see
BEFORE & AFTER Pictures from FFS
 - Facial Feminizing Surgery

Some Pre-FFS pictures from earlier in the year...

Our Annual One Week Hike in the backcountry of Yosemite...

See the complete album of our 2006 Expedition


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Early Years after SRS
About 1992

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Me, Pre-Transition
About 1988

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Odd & Artsy Photos

The Grouse Mountain Expedition
A photo essay from a recent hike with Teresa, Bob, & Cynthia
Click the picture to see all the photos from the trip


Melanie is a prolific author, musician, composer,
teacher of the craft of writing, and successful businesswoman.

She is also the founder of the first Transgender Forum on America Online
and the creator of the world's very first Transgender Support Web Site.

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The world's very first Transgender Support Web site

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