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True Stories of Transition:

Well, this is a bit reminiscent; after all!

From: Lassey Brianna Johnson


An interview...with myself! Well, I haven't been interviewed for a while...this might be fun! Hurt's character in "The Big Chill" I will try to be objective and not badger the subject or make her feel uncomfortable when interviewing her...

Transition to my family: 1st ingredient: !st verse (!!!): Okay, is that a trick question? Probably not. Most people who have ever known me have all known that something was different...and more than a few of them put their finger on it.

But I will say this...all of those years of all of that roleplacing (Stress on the latter half-rolePlacing-a term of mine; meaning? This is a bit like going through the food line at elementary school on your first day of eat what they give you whether you like it or not...only in THIS representation it is NOT the same food that is shared by everyone.

Roleplacing is actually the result of an entity-singular or grouped-that hands out individual parts randomly scattered but grouped; in the play of life regardless of talent, form, or desire. THIS is roleplacing in its most chaotic and nonpersonal instance. Some people may; through no fault of their own; get to play the part of a flower even though they really feel like a wolf inside; or vice versa; and some people just do lights and stage; some sell tickets, and some just take up space.

"Each according to his own talents" are some of the best words in the Bible, but in our modern society roleplacing takes the place of this individualism in order to facilitate mass movement. Roleplacing is a bit like force-feeding, but it is less directional; and really looks for a quick completion of the job no matter what the end result looks like.

Roleplacing is, by definition: The office of the masses held by a class of individuals and is the direct opposite of what I personally have always transcribed as being a part of: The office of the individual held by the masses. It's certainly easier and more lazy to do roleplacing other than real attention to the detail of our societal superstructure, but then again you can get a lot more profit by cutting corners in a project until the whole bloody thing falls down...I.E. Roleplacing is in a nutshell::Shoddy Work.

It is the cancer of all megasocieties. It shall be our downfall. B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a...) I felt like I had earned it. To put is simply: I told them why, I told them how, I told them when, I told them I wasn't going to accept a life not my own anymore no matter what anyone thought.

They said to me that I was never the one to just be the "norm" anyway so this didn't surprise them. I told them that in a nutshell this whole thing is actually me finally becoming the "norm"...if the norm in society is a person "not broken". I don't think anyone is actually "whole" completely, but there is a big difference between a few little bugs and differences and a total malfunction in the whole assembly process!

In other words, I didn't give them a choice. I told them individually that I loved them and needed them to understand but that as much as they meant to me; the FIRST thing they were going to have to accept was that I knew what I was talking about and they didn't.

This is MY life for a change and that means it's time for THEM to shut up and listen for a while. This was not negotiable. I had already worked out the emotional needs and feelings meaning to create the motivation for this process a long time ago; I had been doing it my whole life.

I said that I would be there; explain; love; and try to make it as easy as possible for them. But the first words out of my mouth to each one of them was #1. This makes sense, it's not crazy; in fact I've never been more sure of anything in my life. #2. In order to stop me, you would have to stop the rain from falling or the sun from shining. #3. I love you; all of you; and I need you. But if you are not with me, then don't lie to me and say you are when you are not; because I WILL find out the truth about what you really feel because that's what I DO.

My wife. Hm. Well, she is now my good friend but she wants a divorce. That's better than it was before. She wanted to stay married to Hell on Earth. It hurts. I still want her. She's not Les. End of story.

It will take years and years to actually sever the ties but letting go is the first part of being has to start somewhere for something else to begin and grow. For her; this is absolutely necessary. She MUST have what she needs out of life. I have spent MY life making sure she does. Only now, she is going to have to do more of that herself.

Ladies, this point cannot be stressed enough. I spent the last 12 years investing my time, energies, encouragements, and passions to help her to reach a place where she could do exactly that. In this, I am proud. If YOU have not, then you have not paid this price, then you cannot ride this particular ride: meaning the guilt-free and ADULT transition from husband and wife to loving friends who share children.

I would rather stay wife and wife but she will not. If I tried to force her now, it would be trying to undo 12 years of NOT treating her like most men treat their wives: like property. I would rather eat rusty nails with a side of duckpond water.

Of course I understand that you may have no choice and this may be your time...for your family to have to deal with this. If you have not done the long years of preparation that this sort of thing requires, then it still may have to be done by you now, but it will definitely hurt more. (It's kind of like electrolysis...if I had been doing it all this time, it wouldn't be so bad now.)

I hope for your sakes that you have been laying your path and making your nests. If you love who you are then make way for you to come to where you have to be. I will say this also: NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU. No one. Nothing is ever easy. There are no shortcuts.

Now, as to HER family...they pretty much don't want anything to do with me. They were included in this all; and were given the same talks and honour due to them; but though they aren't NASTY about it they are definitely treating me like a stranger they don't know. It hurts, but there are worse things.

Now, as to MY family...I think that if you want to know how that goes then go rent the third Star Wars movie. When the Emperor got thrown down into the reactor by Darth, it was #1. Necessary (both for good and peace and life and all that stuff to prevail and also so the movie could end and George could go back to doing other things for a change...heehee) #2. Look at the way the wind blew; (And the s**t flew; as the old saying would have it.) first outgoing as a blast, then as a vacuum back collapsing onto itself...and after a while...back to normal. #3. There was one big difference though, from BEFORE the Emp was gone and AFTER he was gone: and that was...are you ready for this? HE WAS GONE!

If you liked all that, then try this one for size (But wait, there's more!)... HAPPINESS IS THE ABSENCE OF PAIN...self-explanatory. Look, people...your family is blood related. They may not talk to you anymore for a while, but they are blood. That counts. Period. They will always be that and nothing can change it. As for the family that is NOT blood related...well, that's a bit tougher and I am finding more and more that I guess that is just one of the terribly painful but LIVEABLE prices I am having to pay. Don't lose priorities.

Sometime I'll tell you all the story about my grandmother on my mother's side...and what her life was like and why all of her children had problems with her and all...and how the horrid things she did (and I mean horrid...worse than most people's worse nightmares) still did not stop her children from coming to her side at the last and to her funeral, and being honoured and truthful and each speaking his/her own turn at the proper time about his/her feelings and relationships and FORGIVENESS for her. Think about that!

This woman fairly did unthinkable things with these people and they could still do this! We are doing NOTHING of the sort! How much better should we expect our treatment to be! In fact, we are causing love, not killing it. If we aren't treated as such then we have to turn our heads for a change and just let it go. I am having to do it, too, ladies. It hurts. But it's either that or you can let the cancer of everyone else make you a dead person. Not an option.

As for the job...I am lucky. I work in a very large company and I have a responsible position. But that is not enough...if I had asked permission the answer would have been no. Large companies LIKE saying no...this is because the small minds in little corners like to pretend they have power they do not have.

I just did it, that's all. I wrote letters I handed out to the propers the same day I showed up dressed the first day. That is all. I'll get prettier. People will forget about it. It's the way of things. I use the ladies restroom here because I AM a lady, and have always acted like one.

We have told our children the same thing. If you want to be treated like a grown-up, then act like one. The same goes for what being female means to me. You'll have to forgive me for being an old Southern girl but you'd have to hurt me bad to make me think otherwise. The girls are so far (I was a little surprised by this) very sweet and accepting, but it is THEY (my lifelong refuges and salvation! I have run to them forever! Not necessarily THESE women but women in club..oh well they'll just have to get used to it.) still very curious and lots and lots of questions. I have found that it is THEY who, though nice and all, need the questions answered.

The men; whom up until now have always been PIGS to me) are actually being nicer to me now than they ever have...(and this is so new to me at this gets better I think I'll like it, you betcha!!) But I have my eyes open...treachery knows no honour, for it it did it wouldn't be treachery...I know someone is going to throw that first rock...someday it's inevitable but at least by watching for it I'll either be able to #1. Catch it #2. Break it into a million pieces in mid air with a nice swing of a Reality Bat or #3. Dodge and let it hit the wall behind me and do whatever rocks to walls.

That is all, ladies, for now. I feel stronger all the time. There will be good days and bad days; I know the bad days will come at work sometime. The bad days have already come everywhere else in my life...but then again the good days are starting to show up now, too. Whatever! (I NEVER used to say "whatever")

I'll bet you are all now... Sorry You Asked!!!

I love you all Lassey

P.S. I have to say this last...I know it's a barb but I have to. I've been waiting all my life to say it...For many of us ladies we have had to fight so hard for so long all by ourselves that we have cried a thousand hours over people's insensitivity and stupidity. That was then.

For me: now? No...not anymore. For myself, personally? I'm glad. They really don't want me to make a REALLY big deal out of all this anyway and that's good because I really don't feel like it. I just want to move on with the rest of my life. Even my therapist (I'm his first TS) and I are starting to understand each other. I don't know. Maybe by the time I'm through with him, the NEXT girl he gets ; who may be not be as strong as I am; will be glad for it.

I don't mind it so much anymore... always being the one who held the torch...alone. Because of ladies like you, someone held it for me once. And we all hold our lights forth... And it gets brighter. Here's to the light...

Shalom, Lassey



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