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Breast Enhancement Surgery

From: Teresa

I had Breast Augmentation done 2 years prior to my SRS, about July of 1987 I think (it’s been awhile...). I had been living full time then for at least 10 years so my appearance, demeanor and deportment were those of your standard female. Still I worried about whatever consequences/embarrassment might be in store for me if I chose to have Breast Augmentation surgery while still a pre-op. I dreamed of the day when I would actually have this surgery but I never really gave these thoughts much validity, never thinking I would ever have the courage to face strangers in such a situation.

One day while I was simply scanning the TV Guide, I noticed an advertisement by a Southern California, plastic surgery group. I remember thinking “why not give them a call?” “What harm would it do to actually find out how much it would cost and what I could expect?” This thought was so un-premeditated that after having had it and surprised by my own reaction at so casually deciding to check them out I again reaffirmed my internal feelings with the thought “Yeah! Why Not Call Them???” So I called and made an appointment to talk to an adviser - not an MD.

I arrived at the appointed time and was met by an attractive young woman who basically told me everything I needed to know. She even had had the surgery herself and asked if I would like to see what I could expect. She had before pictures of herself and those, compared to how she was now, plus her overwhelming self-confidence in herself compelled me to make an appointment later with one of their surgeon’s for an examination.

The Examination was somewhat general, I was asked to disrobe to my waist and he then did a basic breast exam. He and I talked about what size I would like to be, what was possible, and what would look the most proportional to my body frame. I left shortly thereafter to think about it (Yeah right, like I needed to think about whether I wanted it done or not!). Well, I had now pushed the idea about as far as I could without committing myself, remember, they did not know I was a pre-op TS yet... And, as time would have it, my yearly bonus was due shortly. This money along with some savings (that was SUPPOSED to go to my SRS!) put me just under what I needed, which was about $4,500.

I waited for my bonus, arranged financing with their credit department for the remainder due, gave them all the money and then....I told them. Because I had already signed a contract with them they were obligated to perform the surgery. They were not happy with my deception however. I was told that they would do my surgery but would never operate on other pre-operative transsexuals again so I shouldn’t bother telling all my friends about them. The surgeon was definitely against doing surgery on me and as a result, I was the last person he operated on at that clinic as he resigned immediately after he operated on me.

To make the embarrassment complete, during the time period after the surgery when I went in for a check-up to see if there are any complications and to have the stitches removed, they brought in all of their Advisors to meet me. This was done I was told so that their advisors could see what a transsexual looked and sounded like and so that they could weed out any transsexuals who might dare darken their doorstep in the future.

As far as the surgery... It was done on an outpatient basis so shortly after I woke up, I went home. I hurt badly for about three day’s ( I took a week off from work which was about just the right amount of time for recovery) time and just a little sore after a week. Six weeks later I wouldn’t have even known I had done it as all the bruises and discoloration had faded by then.

I have not had any problems since save some numbness on the lower half of my left breast and because I had it done through the areola, I lost about 25% of my sensitivity to both nipples. Following the surgery, I was informed that this sensation loss was normal and should return to normal in two years. In 10 years it never did and after talking with quite a few women who have also had Breast Augmentation done, lack of sensitivity is quite the norm.



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