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A reader asks...

Regarding hormones, how long does it normally take to begin to feel changes in the body/mind? I have heard that it varies from girl to girl.  What time frame would you expect to feel breast tenderness,and feminization? I already feel mentally more centered. I haven't had any real depression or the mood swings that I was warned about before I began.

I have asked my endoc about what time frame to expect on the physical side, and she keeps giving me those vague doctor type answers like "its hard to tell", etc. when I attempt to discuss it. I am not really happy with this endoc, but she is the only game in town when it comes to dealing with transition. Also did you have any reversal of male pattern baldness? I still have about 85% on my hair, with a somewhat receding hair line in the front. By the way, your hair looks really fabulous!

Melanie replies:

Physically, changes in the body occur almost exactly 10 days from the onset of hormone use. Also, any change in dosage will be seen in the body in 10 days. At first, the changes are small and gradual, so even after 10 days they may not be noticed. You'll need to wait between 30 and 60 days to see anything major. Also, you will eventually come to experience a reaction to change in doses about two hours after taking them. There may be slight hot flashes, slight muscle cramps, swelling of breast tissue, etc., roughly two hours after a dose. This is not uncommon, but also doesn't happen to everyone.

Emotionally, mood changes take place about three days after a dose. The effects are also somewhat cumulative, so you will feel mood changes three days after a dose is increased or decreased, but will also note a gradual change in your overall outlook over a period of months and even years.

In reference to your other thoughts, being centered is not enough. You also need to be in the right place while centered. Centered means that your sense of self is right smack in the middle of who you really are inside. But if who you are has any problems besides gender, then you can be centered all you want, but you'll still have those problems. So, make sure you don't limit your life changes to gender alone. Most TG people have developed quite a list of other problems that grew up as they worked to deny their true selves. If you can work those out while going through transition, by the time you are finished you will not only be centered, but most advantageous positioned within your world.

As for male pattern baldness, I never had any. Lucky in that regard! So, I just let the ol' hair grow, and once estrogen ruled the system, baldness just ain't gonna happen.



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