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Sore and Itchy New Boobs


From Nicole

ive been taking my hormones for 3 months now and the nipples on my new boobs are hard and they itch like crazy and are very sore if i bump them or if my wife rolls over on me. is this normal?

love ya nicole


From Angela

Dear Nicole; yes the itchiness is normal, right behind the nipple you will feel some hardness that will mimic a tumor this is also normal and will go away in about 8months to a year this is the forming of some of the new glands as a result of taking hormones. Tenderness will remain for quiet some time, you'll have to learn to sleep on your side or back.

Full Breast growth will take about 2 years it's not so much the amount you take but it's the continuity that counts.You should achieve a 10 centimeter growth the first year and almost the same amount at the end of your second year try not to take too many different drugs to accomplish your femininity, they play havoc on your liver.

Be sure to get a blood test every 6 months to make sure your liver profiles are OK!  You can also ask for a serum cholesterol count and a hormone count at the same time have patience you'll be a woman before you Know it. Bon Voyage!

Best, Angela



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