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Your letters - Melanie's responses

Melanie, I wonder if you could answer a question for my curiosity. First, your career success after your gender change seems to be uncommon amongst all of the transgender pages I have come across on WWW. How Would a less successful "after" career change your experience?

A few years ago (in the time right after surgery) it would have made a big difference to me. But having enjoyed a successful post-op career, I have now come to realize that happiness doesn't come from success, but from doing what you enjoy and being around those whom you like. All things considered, if I had to choose now between being a happy artist OR a successful one, I'd choose the former.

I've been extremely fortunate in getting the success and then being made aware that it is time to stop being the workaholic and enjoy the results of the success. I don't recommend that path for everyone, because success, in the end, is really due to chance more than anything else. No matter how talented or smart you may be, you might get nowhere.

So, in terms of transition, although career concerns might be an issue at first. I really think in the long run anyone would be happier to be themselves as long as they can pay the bills. And, of course, if they have ambitions they can still pursue them in many ways (such as the world wide web) after surgery, even if they don't fit in very well to society.



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