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Your letters - Melanie's responses

Hi Melanie,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my e-mail! I'm sure you must be very busy and probably get a lot of these "I saw your web page and ..." messages. I kept checking my e-mail each day to see if I had a response from you, somewhat like the kid who has sent away for the magic decoder ring ("Only takes 3 Wheaties box tops ...") and keeps checking to see if the mailman has brought it.

I have been strangely fascinated with the transsexual transition process for many years and read all I could about it in the Pasadena library. When I got a home computer and Internet access a few years ago, I discovered the T* Internet newsgroups and met and corresponded with a couple of pre-op TS through them. However, you are the first post-op TS I've met.

After I wrote my initial message I found you had posted the rest of your diaries on your web pages. So I will read those so that I don't bother you with questions that you've already answered. I do hope that you'll entertain a few other questions from time to time about your experiences and feelings that may not be addressed in your diaries.

Thanks for posting these web pages. I think that's a great service to the transgendered community. I also think it's really neat that you posted your picture so that people can see what you really look like (You have a very pretty face) and posted the audio clip (You also have a lovely voice). If someone just looked at your picture and listened to your voice, they'd never know that you weren't born Melanie.




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