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Your letters - Melanie's responses

Hi, Melanie! I read your latest up and have a few questions that I thought you could answer:

1. From previous reading of yours, I thought that you have a full developed bust and the 'mones had worked. What are your measurements now, if I can be personal.

I had about an "A" cup, even four years after surgery. Finally, I gave up and did the implant thing. The way the doctor had me pick out the size I wanted to be was to look through a copy of "Playboy Lingerie 1991" and put four post-it notes on the breasts I liked the best. Well, I did that, and that is exactly what I got. What I didn't realize is that from the outside looking in things strike you differently than from the inside looking out. I got WAY more than I really wanted to have as far as how it feels to have them. I'm sure it all looks just like I selected, but it FEELS much too large.

As for measurements, around the fullest part of the bust I am about 40 1/2 inches, 31" on the waist, and 39" on the hips. That makes me more or less a "D" cup now. They're fine, they do get in the way though, and overall, they are nice to use as "proof" that one is female, but also make me a lot more noticeable, so I better look the part in all other ways as well. I also get tired of guys talking to my boobs and then noticing there's a woman attached to them.

2. You and Mary have a great relationship from what you have said over the past years, but if you and her are not have a sexual relation, is she having a normal sex with a man. Do you double date?

Nope. She hasn't dated yet. I've had five boyfriends and one girlfriend since surgery, but she hasn't dated. Perhaps she will some day. I don't know.

3. Are you going to complete the transition with the other operation that you have not had completed in the future?

That would be the labiaplasty. Yes, I think I'd like to do that. It's just one of those finishing touch things that makes the whole process seem a little bit more polished and complete. But, I don't want to do it under general anesthetic. I've done that too much in the last few years, and I'd rather have it under local.

4. As a post op, I enjoy sex and have learned the ways of a women. It would be a good idea that you write your experience in this area. Other post op, and pre op would like to have a guideline. This would be a good way for them to react in the new role.

Oh, some of that might crop up in my writings from time to time, but as open as I've been, I'm finding my interests turning away from me and more toward the people and environment around me. My current diary entries hardly ever mention transgender issues at all, and even personal issues are not in the focus. This is not conscious, but just a natural growth into new areas and new interests. After all, it is called "transition" for a reason: you're supposed to get over it!



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