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Your letters - Melanie's responses

Hi, Melanie.

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for creating the wonderful Transgender Community Forum on America Online.

Hiya, Richard!

Thanks for the note. Actually, all that you see around the Forum (the look and feel) was created after I stepped down. When I started it, there was nothing for the gender community at all on America Online, and only two people came to my first meeting. From that time, it built up to maybe five hundred regular visitors total, and our single meeting per week was hitting the maximum limit. Just before I left, I got the keyword "GENDER" authorized and got us our own spot on the bulletin boards. I had been pushing for a forum since we started, but it wasn't until about a year after I was gone that AOL finally authorized our own forum area. What you see now was largely built by Wendy to whom I relinquished the reigns when I stepped down. It was time for me to cut way back on the amount of my life that was still revolving around transgender issues and get on with the business of living.

So, thanks for all the compliments, but I'll just take those pertaining to having started the whole thing and gotten it off the ground, and send all the rest to Wendy for the way the forum is today.



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