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Herbal Hormones

From: Lassey

First...keep in mind that the best reason not to take hormones illegally or before they are prescribed right is that if you inequify the scales now you will be doing the same when it comes time to prescribe the right dosage. You will be seen as needing less than you really do, and may get that.

I am about 5 to 7 weeks away from that endocrinologist first visit (due to the three month therapy rule) and believe me, I am no fool when it comes to drugs. They are to be respected like a loaded gun.

I have higher testerone levels than 90% of all men, and I STILL look like this. I know and believe I want every precious drop that I'm supposed to have to combat what is not supposed to be there. If I mess up the readings now through my impatience, then I won't get that. Think about that.

Of course, if I had no hope of getting them the "right" way I would consider taking a cruise ship to Greece and stuffing the cargo hold full of the stuff. But I luckily am not to that point...yet. I hope I never am!

About the other herbs...take it from a longtime spiritualist who has dabbled in Wiccan, Druidic, Eastern, (still doing Tantra though definitely enhanced now that I can concentrate ethereally exclusively for a while and build those particular "Kiegels") use your head about those herbal drugs. Some are powerful. Some are ineffective. Some are not. But most of them are in such a form that the biggest benefit you will receive from them is general health overall; not necessarily "feminizing" results. That's why they're called "Health" food stores, right? Really, it's true.

If the health food stores could make you pretty just by selling the right bottle, then you would never get a foot in the door to the place; for all the "genetics" that stomp the shelves every day! Think about it...if something is THAT good, you would not be asking for vague results...you could read about them.

I am a herbalist; don't get me wrong. I believe in the goodness of the Earth. But...all things in perspective, sister. Remember, whoever's got the goods...it is hard to hide such a thing forever. Herbals are EXCELLENT to promote GENERAL health and wellbeing, but they will NOT make your attributes more female than male. If you take another gander at some of them, though I personally don't have much experience with them, some genetic males look pretty bloody healthy to me! Nature works BOTH ways, remember?

Love, Lassey

P.S. Don't forget about Tai Chi...it hasn't been around for 2500 years for nothing...

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