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A Change in Perspective  

A Coming Off Party  

A Cut Above  

A Fantasy Past for the Animated Corpse ~or~ The Double Bugaboo  

A Letter of Encouragement  

A New Beginning  

A New Journey  

A Pretty Path in Purgatory  

A Questionnaire Answered by Transsexuals  

A Season of Hope  

A Statement of Intent  

A Survey of Transsexuals  

A whole series of questions answered in a marathon session...  

About post-op sex  


Advice for the Young TS  

All 17 Album's of Dave's Original Music now available

All Consuming  

All my original music from the 1960s and 1970s  

All TG All the Time?  

Alley Cat  

Am I Cold  

An Expected Visit  

An Unexpected Visit  

And Alexander Wept, for there were No More Worlds to Conquer  

Anti-Déjà Vu  

Are Gender Support Groups Self Defeating?  

Are sore and itchy new boobs normal?  

Are you happier having had surgery?  

Art and Soul  

Audio Diary  


B.S. and the Sexes  

Babe In Toyland  

Back from the Brink  

Before & After  

Blah, Blah  

Born Again, For the First Time  

Breast Enhancement Surgery  

Chicken Schick Razor  

Cinderella Liberties  

Class Act  

Cleaning House  

Closing the Gap  


Come Chaos: Armageddon Lite  

Crucible of the Past  

Dancing to a Different Tune  

Dave's Not Here...  

Dealing with Abusive Relationships  

Dealing with conflicting male/female feelings  

Death of a Hamster  

Desperately Seeking Closure  


Diary Out Take  

Digging Deeper  


Do home electrolysis units really work? (And what about the "Biber Button"?)  

Do Ya Wanna Take A Risk?  

Do you consider yourself a transsexual or a woman?  

Doctor Biber's Information Letter:  

Doctor Biber's Post-Surgical Instruction Sheet  

Doping the Brain  

Doses and Types  

Double Image  

Download Free "Transition Tapes" MP3s  

Drama Queen  

Dramatica and Transgenderism  

Early TG Forum Creation from the Archives...  


Eight Days Post-Op  

Eighth Iteration   

Eleven Days Post-Op Interview (1)  

Eleven Days Post-Op Interview (2)  

Eleven Days Post-Op Interview (3)  

Email from 1992  

Emotional Effects  


Et Tu, Brute -or- Stabbed in the Back - Again!  

Everybody Must Get Honed  

Excuses, Excuses!  

Facial Feminization Surgery Streaming Video  


Father's Day for the Transsexual  

Feet of Clay  

Feet of Clay  

Female Voice Lessons Article  

Fifth Iteration   

 Final Bandages Removed  

 Final Sutures & Staples Removed  

First Bandages Removed  

First Blood  

First Hand Account of Sex Change Surgery  

First Iteration  

First Steps After Surgery  



For the Young TS  

Four Days Post-Op (1)  

Four Days Post-Op (2)  

Four Months Post-Op Interview (1)  

Four Months Post-Op Interview (2)  

Four Months Post-Op Interview (3)  

 Four Months Post-Op Interview (4)  

Four Weeks Post-Op Interview  

Fourth Iteration   

From 1993  

Full Spiral  

Giving Up / Giving In  

Giving up the "Melanie Icon"  

God, what a lonely night!  


Growth vs. change  


Hangtown Justice Fudge  

Harebrained Schemes  

Herbal Hormones  


Hollywood & Vine  





Hormones - The Woman's Answer Book  

Hormones and Fat  

Hospital Admission & Surgical Prep  

How long before the effects of hormones begin to show up?  

How to Deal with a Non-accepting Wife  

How to Develop a Female Voice  

How to Develop a Female Voice - Additional Information  

How Women Talk  

How Women Walk  

How would a less successful "after" career change your experience?  

How's it going?  

Human Sexuality 101  

Identity vs. censorship  



Into the Fire  

Introduction to Melanie's Diary  

Introduction to Sex Change  

Introduction  to FFS Video  

Is being post-op (SRS) all it's cracked up to be?  

Is Melanie A Hoax?  

Is the pre-surgery year of full-time Real Life Test in the new role really necessary?  


Journey's End Home Page  

Last Interview Before Surgery   

Legal Issues  

Letter to my son....  

Licked by the Flames  

Licking Old Wounds  

Living In Fantasyland  

Man in the Pocket  

Man, was I naive!  

Meet The Doctor   

Meet The Transsexuals  

Melanie is a Fucking Asshole  

Melanie Whines Again  

Melanie's Surgery Diary  

Mental Relativity  

Mental Relativity and Transgenderism  

Mental Sex  

Mental Sex  

More Advice for the Young Transsexual  

More Bandages Removed on Day 5  

More on alternating masculine/feminine feelings  

Mr. W. Squared  

My Daughter's Wedding (Part One - Teresa's Arm)  

My diary is now on  

My Fathers, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?  

My First Album now on  

My Transition Diary now in paperback!  

Nine Months  

O.J.'s Last Run  

O.J.'s Last Run  

Occam's Razor  

Of Two Minds  

On The Rocks  

Opening a Can of Worms  


Out of the Closet - 20 Years After  



Personal Issues  

Photo Album  

Physical Markers Of Transsexuality  

Point of Departure *Video Commentary Added  

Post Op Living  

Post-Op Transsexuals - Kiss and Tell OR Tell and K...  

Prelude to Chaos: Angel in the Park  

Prick of the Needle  

Puppet Head  

Questions and Answers  


Reactions to Melanie's Diary  

Recovering in the Hospital  

Relationships 101  

Relationships 101  


Remember to Forget  

Remembering To Forget  

Requirements for Surgery  


Rewriting the Past  

Road Show  

Role Rehearsal  

Second Childhood  

Second Iteration   

Secrecy vs. Honesty  

Setting The Record Straight  

Seventh Iteration   

Sex Change Handbook  

Sex Reassignment Surgery - the Nuts and Bolts  

Sexism in the Movies  

Six Months Post-Op Interview (1)  

Six Months Post-Op Interview (2)  

Sixth Iteration   

Skeletons in the Closet You Came Out Of  



Social Issues  

Split Personality  

SRSO: What Wives Should Expect  

Stabbed In The Back  

Star Trek Struck  

Statistics Regarding Transsexuals  


Storm Clouds  

Supporting Role  


Surgically Altering the Voice  

Surveys and Statistics  

TG Q & A  

TG Webzine  

Thank you for creating the Transgender Community Forum on America Online.  

Thanks so much  

The "Other" Sex  

The Archives  

The Biber Belt  

The Countdown Begins...  

The Destruction of Melanie Anne  

The Double Edged Sword  

The Four Kinds of Love  

The House of God  

The Infamous Transsexual Out Take Blooper  

The Last Word  

The Luminary  

The More Things Change....  

The Naked Stage  

The Night Before  

The One True Path  

The Passionate Self  

The Phoenix  

The Press  

The Recovery Half-Way House  

The Recovery Room  

The Secret of Self Worth  

The Silent Loudness  

The Spiritual Side of Transsexualism  

The Stuff Of Dreams  

The Subversive #1  

The Subversive #2  

The Subversive #3  

The Subversive #4  

The Subversive #5  

The Subversive #6  

The Subversive #7  

The Subversive #8  

The Subversive #9

The Subversive #10  

The Subversive #11  

The Subversive #12   

The Subversive #13  

The Subversive #14  

The Subversive #15  

The Subversive #16  

The Subversive #17  

The Subversive #18  

The Subversive #19  

The Subversive #20  

The Subversive #21  

The Subversive #22  

The Subversive #23   

The Subversive #24  

The Subversive #25  

The Subversive #26  

The Subversive #27  

The Subversive #28  

The Subversive #29  

The Subversive #30  

The Subversive #31  

The Subversive #32  

The Subversive #33  

The Subversive #34   

The Unkindest Cut Of All  

The View from the Mirror  

The Zen of Transgenderism  

There is no Ready  

Third Iteration   

Thoughts from 1992  

Three Months Post-Op Interview (1)  

Three Months Post-Op Interview (2)  

Three Weeks Post-Op  

Tinsel Town  

To the Young Transsexual  

To the Young TS...  



Transgender Videos  

Transgenderism: Mental Disorder, Biological Disorder or Both?  

Transition Diary  

Transsexual Celebrity  

Transsexual Ghosts  

Transsexuality?  No Such Thing!  

Transsexuals in the work place-a guide for employers  

TV or TS?  

Twenty Years After Transition  

Two Roads  

Under The Knife  

Unfinished Business  

Universal Truths  


Using Female On-line Names  


Virginity Lost  

Virginity Lost: Reprise  


What are the pros and cons of using "Aldactone" to lessen body hair?  

What are your measurements?  

What Comes After  

What happens during SRS surgery?  

What Is Transsexuality? (Philosophic Answer)  

What is Transsexuality? (Scientific Answer)  

What It Means to be Transgendered  

When Reality Takes a Break  

Where it Ends  

Where it Stands  

Why did you put yourself through this ordeal?  

Winding Up, Winding Down  

Wishing for Nothing  

Working Weekend  

Yet here I am.....  

You Are What You Ain't  

You know what I like about this blog?  

Your Mother's Mustache

Bonus Videos:

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - About Face  

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Hiding Behind Your Self  

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Reincarnation  

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Sense of Self  

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - The Holy Freakin' Grail  

A Clip from Melanie's Video Journal - Transition vs. Transformation

We’ve gathered hundreds of our most informative and intriguing links to web pages on transgender and transsexual issues and arranged them in alphabetical order for your convenience.  Enjoy!